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Behjoosh Aria Industries in cooperation with reputable European and Italian companies.
Using the expertise and equipment available in the country, it has been able to produce MIG / MAG welding torches according to EN60974-7.
Torches made by Behjoosh Aria Industries while competing with European examples.
Approved by domestic consumers and has been exported to Iraq and several Central Asian countries.
Also all of the torches and fittings are manufactured against defects caused by the warranty.

Behjoosh guarantees the supply of consumer parts and after-sales service for these torches.
Behjoosh has the ability to produce specialized types of MIG / MAG torches, TIG and plasma and automation equipment.
Always with the help and guidance of artisan friends, he is always striving to take appropriate steps to develop the country’s industry.
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Behjoosh Aria Industries has been able to produce MIG / MAG welding torches according to EN60974-7 standard
with the cooperation of reputable European and Italian companies and using the specialists and equipment available in the country.

Trafimet Group
Trafimet Group has been in the welding market for over 40 years, in this time it has been known throughout the world for the reliability of its products. The company is focused on Quality, Innovation , Service and staff development.

Behjoosh, the official representative of Italian Trafimet
Behjoosh, based on the knowledge and experience of local specialists, is ready to provide advice to all dear industry.

sample of products

Torches manufactured by Behjoush Aria Industries Company have been exported to Iraq and to some Central Asian countries, competing with European samples
and endorsing them by domestic consumers.

Behjoosh Services

Torch Argon Repair

Turgent Argon TIG MIG MIG Argon Argon Plasma Cutting Plasma Welding Repair CO2 Welding Torch Repair Argon Welding Repair Torch Cool Air Argon Repair Water Cool Argon Replacement and Repair Torch Argon Removable Feeder.

CO2 heater

It is product used in the welding industry to heat the exhaust gas from the cylinder.

Buy Torch Welding

Buy Torch Welding with all the requirements of welding from Behjoosh Be careful when buying a Welding Torch from a manufacturer of Welding Torch.

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